The description of the following projects in Greek can be found as EPEAEK-ArchimedesI-FullProposal-Greek-project1.pdf, EPEAEK-ArchimedesI-FullProposal-Greek-project2.pdfEPEAEK-ArchimedesI-FullProposal-Greek-project3.pdfEPEAEK-ArchimedesII-FullProposal-Greek-project4.pdfEPEAEK-Pythagoras-FullProposal-Greek-project5.pdf.



The following projects have been funded in the framework of co-funding from the European Social Fund (80%) and the Hellenic State (20%):

1.EPEAEK Archimedes I entitled "Study of phosphate for use in radiation detection systems in medical imaging".

2.EPEAEK Archimedes I entitled "Study of factors affecting the production of healthy and safe food with advanced techniques".

3.EPEAEK Archimedes I entitled "Development of film for using high resolution displays near infrared".

4.EPEAEK Archimedes II entitled "Experimental investigation and simulation techniques Monte Carlo material detected radiation, used in diagnostic radiology and nuclear medicine".

5.EPEAEK Pythagoras entitled "Study of the effect of new phosphors in the performance of medical imaging detectors and the radiation dose".