The proposal of the funded project can be found in English as NRSF-Archimedes-FullProposalEnglish.odt.pdf and in Greek as NRSF-Archimedes-FullProposalGreek.odt.pdf



Many aspects of earthquake generation still escape our full understanding. Observations of electromagnetic (EM) emissions preceding significant earthquakes (EQs) provide premonitory events possibly related to subsequent earthquakes. The premonitory EM anomalies occur from few days to few hours prior to EQs and cover a wide spectrum, from ULF to VHF. All EM anomalies exhibit peculiar behaviour during critical conditions of the lithospheric volume. All are confirmed by laboratory experiments.


Recent studies also evince radon (222Rn) activity concentration enhancements by forthcoming EQs. The abnormal radon exhalation as a precursory phenomenon is an important field of investigation mainly due to lack of data, especially regarding strong EQs. Several models have been proposed, yet, these are restricted and, thus, need further development .


A1. Continuous telemetric data collection of EM activities of various frequencies and of radon in soil.
A2 . Development of physical and mathematical models for A1 and correlation with the procedures earthquake genesis.


WP1: Configuration of the detection system of EM-Radon disturbances under modern technology

WP2: Installation of new measuring stations in the regions of Ileia, Zakynthos and Lesvos

WP3: Analysis of EM emissions using techniques dedicated to critical situations. Contextual analysis of radon data. Application to all stations (new-existing functioning network of mainland Greece)

WP4: Statistical evaluation of the detected EM emissions and cross-correlation with the seismic sequence in the study area. Internal assessment of the research project.


E1. Maintenance and expansion of existing telemetry system of EM emissions
E2. Development of pilot telemetric radon stations for continuous collection of radon in soil
3. Extension of existing knowledge and development of new methodologies for A1.
E4. Interpretation of correlations of A1 to the procedures of genesis of EQs.