The collaboration with Ionian University started on 2004 with the former TEI of the Ionian Islands, when Dr. Nikolopoulos and Dr. Zisos from former Piraeus University of Applied Sciences, Dr.Vogiannis and Assis.Prof Dr. Matsoukas from the University of the Aegean collaborated with Prof. Dr. Koulougliotis and Assis.Prof. Dr Kalimeris from the former TEI of the Ionian Islands for the submission of two proposals in the NSRF Archimedes III. All members have collaborated then in a joint proposal submission for INTERREG-IVC funding. They collaborated also in the framework of the Thales IndrAQ NSRF project of Piraeus University of Applied Sciences (2012-2016).

Today (2020) the reaserch activities continue between the new Universities; University of West Attica, Depertment of Industrial and Production Engineering and Ionian University, Depertment of Environment in the fields of Electromagnetic Radiation from Digital Communications and Targeted Environmental Applications.