The proposal of the funded project can be found in English as INTERREG-2007_11_05_AF_IV_C (FINAL OLYMPIA) LAST.pdf.


The project focuses on the modelling and management of natural risks due to earthquakes, environmental pollution, waste management and floods and fires in the regional scale. The project aims at the confrontation of the resulting damages from natural risks in the regional scale, because these could be excruciating and may be followed by human and material casualties,numerous injuries and other destructive side effects such as consequent floods, limitation of territorial development, negative socio-economical outcomes both in the regional and national scale and even desertification of certain areas. 

The scientific partners (Technological Educational Institutes of Pireus, Athens and Ionian Islands, Universities of Athens and Aegean, University of Cyprus, GRAM3RA, GUGRI and Polithechic University of Valencia) were involved in developing the project proposal and communicated with the regional policy making partners (municipality of Olympia, Zakintos Prefecture, municipalities of Camisano Vicentino and Voula) for the further development of the project’s idea in accordance to the regional policy strategies and plans.

The main objective of the present project is to create a model for managing natural risks caused by earthquakes, environmental pollution, waste disposal, fires and related floods. The sub-objectives of the project are the development of a theoretical and computation base for the understanding,creation of models for prediction and mitigation of seismic risks,understanding of air pollution mechanisms (radon,suspending particulate matter-CO,NOx,SOx,heavy metals,ozone and photochemical oxidants,air toxics-with estimation of associated risks,understanding of pollution's diffusion mechanisms in groundwater deposits,development of a water pollution surveillance network with a decision support system,use efficient techniques for the identification of pollutant substances in water horizons,development of on-line GIS landfill sitting tool with recycle infrastructures design of a green area (Olympia) and selection of indexed natural risks based on a real-time GIS dynamical mapping. The project employes cross-cutting actions to other priorities (water management, waste prevention and management) and cross-border activities through an Interregional approach between Greece, Italy, Cyprus and Spain.


Expected outputs:1.Organisation seminars, site visits, staff exchanges, inter-partner brochure, Experience-knowledge exchange and Dissemination events (Web site,informative leaflets,methodology and technique guides for natural risks,strategic guidelines for confrontation of natural risks, informative, exhibitions and demonstrations to local authorities, regional press conferences, Electronic forum, scientific publications, policy recommendations, GIS for natural risks and a Conference)