Dr.Dimitrios Nikolopoulos
Environmental-Health Physics

Associate Professor
Piraeus University of Applied Sciences,
Department of Electronic Computer Systems Engineering, Petrou Ralli & Thivon 250, GR122 44, Aigaleo, Greece e-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Mobile : +0030-6977-208318 Home : +0030-213-0308432 Tel (TEI): +0030-210-5381560 Fax (TEI): +0030-210-5381436 Skype : dimitriosnikolopoulos
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The research activities for a candidate collaborator include: (a) Radon and progeny measurements and modelling in indoor places (passive and active techniques), waters and soil and thermal spas (b) Real-time telemetry of Environmental Electromagnetic disturbances and Radon Emissions; (c) Time-series modelling through Chaos, R-S analysis, DFA, methods of Self-Organisation, Symbolic Dynamics, Long-memory analysis; (d) Environmental Electromagnetic Radiation and Digital Communication Systems-HealthEffects;  (e) Monte-Carlo modeling of Medical Imaging detectors and Medical Imaging Systems through (e1) self-designed gfortran-gnu-octave-gcc codes, (e2) EGSnrc-MP and (e3) GATE/GEANT4; Optical scattering through (e4) GATE, (e5) DETECT2000 and (e6) tkOptics; (f) Theoretical and experimental techniques employed in medical imaging scintillators (Absolute Efficiency, Detective Quantum Efficiency, X-ray to Luminescence Efficiency,Detector Optical Gain, Quantum Detection Efficiency, Energy absorption Efficiency, Modulation Transfer Function, Noise Power Spectrum, Noise Transfer Function (g) Dynamical Modelling of environmental systems

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