Environmental Human Computational Research

This site was created for the dissemination of the research activities of Professor Dr. D.Nikolopoulos implemented at the University of West Attica in the following research fields: 1.Environment and especially the Human Radiation Environment 2. Computational methods in environmental studies 3.Medical applications dedicated to the improvement of human's life. 4. Computational simulations of medical imaging detectors and medical instrumentation modalities with impact on Biomedical technology 5. Monte Carlo Methods in Medicine. 6. Detection, measurement and analysis of electromagnetic and radon pre-earthquake signals in Greece. 7.Chaos and self-organisation in radiation-emitted by Geo-Systems.

The research coordinator is Prof.Dr. Dimitrios Nikolopoulos. The research team involves members from University of Athens, Ionian University, University of Patras, and several collaborators from various foreign institutes.